About Us


PreGifting started out as a simple gesture of kindness shared between friends. Today it stands as the most effective way to help loved ones fund the wedding of their dreams.

Years ago, a colleague of PreGifting founder Joe Mindak announced her engagement. Like many brides, she had been planning her wedding since she was a child. However, her excitement quickly diminished when she discovered vendor costs, and slowly realized she couldn’t afford the wedding she had once envisioned.

The bride-to-be disclosed the financial burden of her wedding to Joe, who knew his friend’s house was already well-stocked with all the dishtowels, small appliances and table settings she needed. While he planned to give the couple a monetary gift, he quickly realized his money would go further if given sooner. So Joe did something out of the ordinary — he gave the couple his monetary gift before the wedding. This way, they could (and did) fund the wedding day of their dreams. He coined the concept as a “PreGift” when he handed her the early check – and the name, and concept, stuck.

For years, Joe “PreGifted” every wedding he attended, and it didn’t take long for family and friends to follow suit. Along the way, Joe’s desire to use a safe, easy online platform designed specifically for early wedding gifts grew, and his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. In 2016 Joe launched PreGifting.net, a crowdfunding platform that allows friends and families around the world to give the gift their loved ones really want – a perfect wedding day.

With PreGifting, couples create a wedding profile and describe their vision for their wedding day. A campaign link is then created and shared with wedding guests who then have the option to send a PreGift that will help the happy couple’s dreams come true. PreGifting is a win-win option for couples and guests alike. No longer do couples have to stress over the financial burden of a wedding, nor do guests have to worry about picking out the right wedding gift.