How long should our campaign last?
We recommend 30 days, however you can choose any length wish. The minimum campaign length is seven days.

Will my campaign start immediately?
You can choose the start date of your campaign to be any time in the future that you wish. The soonest it can start is two days after you submit your campaign for review.

Can I use vertical photos?
You can, but they will be cropped to fit the photo area, which can produce unpredictable results. For best results, we recommend horizontal photos.

When will we recieve the proceeds from our campaign?
Your monetary gifts are automatically mailed to you at the completion of your campaign, less the PreGifting and bank service charges. Be sure to add a current mailing address to your profile so that you can get your gifts!

Can I edit my wedding details after the campaign has started?
You can edit some of your wedding details via the dashboard. If you need to update something that is no longer editable, contact customer support and we will handle it for you.




Do I need to register with PreGifting to give a gift?
No account is needed for gift givers. Simply locate the couple’s page, and click ‘PreGift Now’.

Do I have to attach a video with my gift?
It is your choice, however most couple’s would be very happy to receive a personalized greeting from you. You may also include a text greeting with your gift if you wish.

Can I record my video with my phone?
Yes! For best results, turn the phone horizontally so that your video fits properly in the player.

When will I be billed for my gift?
Your credit card will be billed by PreGifting right away, and your gift will be delivered to the happy couple at the conclusion of their PreGifting campaign.

Will my gift be made public?
It is up to the couple to choose whether or not to share their gifts publicly. However, when you give your gift, you will have the option of keeping the amount of your gift private.

Is my credit card information secure?
PreGifting upholds the highest standards when it comes to security. Your billing information is encrypted in transit, and is never stored on our server.

Can I get a refund?
PreGifting is a gift for the happy couple. Once your PreGift, the money goes directly into the couple’s PreGifting account and can not be returned. A check will be sent to the couple and they will be responsible for any refunds they wish to give.



Have additional questions that aren’t answered here? Check the FAQs on our How It Works page, or send a quick message to Customer Support.