a perfect wedding day is the best gift of all.

Whether you’re the one who is about to say “I do” or a friend or family member who wants to help the couple celebrate their love, setting up a PreGifting account is simple and safe.

how Pregifting works for couples:

Register a Wedding

Registering is easy. Create a free PreGifting profile, upload photos, and tell guests how their PreGift will help make the special day even more perfect. And there’s no need to worry, all of your information is safe and secure. You can even choose whether to make your gifts public or private. This can be helpful if you’re setting up the profile for someone else and want to keep it a surprise.

Share Link With Guests

Once registered, you’ll receive a sharable link to send to guests. How you distribute the link is up to you. You can include it on a wedding website, compose a heartfelt email or share it on Facebook. Word of mouth will be your most powerful tool. Once a few guests find out that they can give their gifts early, others will be excited to do the same.

Receive Wedding Gifts

Monetary gifts will be accompanied by thoughtful videos and written messages from the guests. You can view the videos on your PreGifting profile, and choose to make them public or private. The funds will be automatically distributed to you at the completion of your PreGifting campaign.

how pregifting works for WEDDING guests:

Celebrate the couple

Many couples already have everything they need, except for the funding for the wedding they’ve always dreamed of. PreGifting allows guests to give a monetary gift in advance of the wedding and create memories that the lovebirds will always cherish.

PreGift Your Gift

Giving your gift is easy. Just locate the couple’s page, click on the “PreGift Now” button and fill out your credit card information. And don’t worry all of your information is safe and secure.

Record Your Message

If you would like to send a personalized video message to the couple telling them how excited you are for their big day, simply record a short video and upload it along with your gift.


Is PreGifting safe and secure?

Yes! PreGifting upholds the highest standards when it comes to security. Your information and your guests’ information will be kept private and safe.

Who can set up a PreGifting account?

From the happy couple themselves to their parents and even their friends, anyone can open a PreGifting account the help the couple pay for their wedding.

How do we receive our gifts?

Your monetary gifts are automatically mailed to you at the completion of your campaign. Be sure to add a current mailing address to your profile.

What if we don’t meet our goal?

PreGifting gives you 100% of your monetary gift (minus processing fees) whether you meet your goal or not.

What is the cost of using PreGifting?

PreGifting charges 2% of the monetary gifts that the couple receives. To help ensure the security of the transactions, PreGifting uses Stripe for credit card processing, which charges 2.9% plus a $0.30 transaction fee.

What does it cost my guests?

PreGifting is absolutely free for all of your guests.

Can I get a refund?

PreGifting is a gift for the happy couple. Once your PreGift, the money goes directly into the couple’s PreGifting account and can not be returned. A check will be sent to the couple and they will be responsible for any refunds they wish to give.